We create strong brand experiences for e-Commerce platforms, websites and web apps.

Our team specializes in WordPress based websites and e-Commerce development with a combination of over 10 years in WordPress customization, designing and developing high quality WordPress based platforms.

Web Design and Development

We build aesthetically pleasing and functional websites.

WordPress based websites are powerful website builder with robust content management system (CMS) and most importantly SEO friendly.


Highly customizable, scalable to suit any of your business needs.

From day 1, we create a good base to cater to your growing online business. Highly optimized & horizontally scalable.

Progressive Web Apps

Web applications that function and feel like native mobile applications.

Skip the long process of getting your native mobile applications approved from app store.

IT Consultancy

AWS cloud hosting, scalability,security, IoT

Speak to us today to find out how you can leverage on our expertise.

Additional services

Simple solutions at affordable prices

Uboux Captive Portal Solutions

Booking Forms

Simplify your booking process by allowing customers to have full view of your time slots and events. Customize email messages to your customers.

Uboux Captive Portal Solutions

Web Hosting & Maintenance

Have a WordPress website? Having issues with your current webhost? UBOUX website Managed Hosting is extremely affordable. Starting from $240 a year.

Uboux Captive Portal Solutions

QR code solution

Have a campaign that requires your customers to interact using QR code? Manage your QR codes, track and anlayze campaign. With dynamic QR codes, you will not have to worry about changing the destination URL even after sending QR code for print.

Uboux Captive Portal Solutions

E-Menu Design & Development

Create Online Ordering websites that also function as E-menu for customer to perform self-ordering in store.

Uboux Captive Portal Solutions

Digital Signage Solution

Easy to use Cloud based digital signage platform that help venue owners with single or multi site to create,manage and schedule content with ease.

Uboux Captive Portal Solutions

Customized Solutions

Through the years, we have worked on multiple customized projects. Enquire to find out customized solutions we can offer.

Embark on your next project with us

We typically respond in 24 hours.

Popular Questions

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What hardware do I need to start using the Captive Portal solution?

All you need is an active wifi connection and Ubiquiti hardware.

How do I switch to the UBOUX Captive Portal solution if I am using an existing solution?

All you need is an active wifi connection and Ubiquiti hardware.