We’re teaming up with Blue Wireless to provide Wi-Fi for SCC International Rugby 7s 2018

UBOUX is teaming up with Blue Wireless to boost the WiFi experience for people participating or attending SCC Internation Rguby 7s 2018 at the Padang, Singapore between 2 Novemeber 2018 to 5 November 2018.

This event brings together tech specialist from both sides to provide an interesting and engaging way in connecting to the event’s free WiFi network. Blue Wireless leverages on its expertise on quality wireless broadband services while UBOUX provides its proprietary WiFi captive portal technology to engage and facilitate WiFi connectivity.

This teamup attempts to solve two keys issues where wireless internet connectivity is concerned; the ability to provide quality and reliable Internet service consistently and maximising precious visual real estate on a captive portal landing with interesting content. Content can be a mix-and-match of videos, sounds,pictures and text. Simply put, the awesome hybrid of quality wireless broadband service with a powerful marketing tool to match.

This event debuts UBOUX’s malleable technology being able to work closely and easily with a bigger and established Blue Wireless to provide a unique solution quickly on a win-win basis. Everyone is a winner. The crowd gets fast and quality wireless WiFi and marketing collateral gets maximum coverage efficiently.

posted 31 october 2018